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I do believe it’s time for another adventure darling….

It really has gone so quick. I knew this prize trip would change mine and Jake’s life and I’m so grateful for all the experiences and opportunities we have been given along the way. It’s always been my dream to travel after graduating, but I started to come to terms with it never happening as talks of settling down, getting a house together and marriage were priority and ‘the thing to do next’.. but it’s funny how life turns out sometimes: it was meant to be.

Know people say I’m very lucky in life and ‘flukey’ but I honestly think my positivity, confidence and willingness to try new things is what gets me where I am today, not luck as such just pushing myself further.. Everyone knows Jake is my best friend and changed my life the day we met (forcing me to face a ridiculous fear of trains just to see each other again – he’s made me stronger from the start) but now years down the line we have shared and seen some beautiful things that will stay with us forever.

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore..”

Just looking back now at photos it really was a mad end to 2013.

“A wise traveler never despises his own country.”

Believe me. It’s not been easy at times, you really can be in the busiest place, surrounded by people yet still feel ever so alone. We have really missed home at times, missing loved ones, family and friends has been the hardest part especially my pooch!! Missing important events back home having both gained new nieces and nephews when return. Even missing my own sisters and jakes best friends wedding was a struggle. But it’s the understanding and occasional “miss you and make the most of it” from those people that gives you comfort knowing all will still be there when you return home and to make the most of here and now.

So to those who I’ve met along the way…

It really has been an emotional last few days, one of the downsides to travelling is having to say goodbye – I’m so terrible at it, much prefer to say “see you soon” as you really never know when you may cross paths again?!

My family and friends we met / made at the start of our trip, and the amazing people I’ve met during my time working here… When travelling you find these incredible people from all around the world (who I’d never otherwise have met) their stories, their journeys there life experiences and advice was inspiring. They really do seem to disappear from your life as quickly as they entered.

Just want to special mention my ‘Aussie’ family who have literally been amazing and welcomed us with open arms when we randomly turned up thousands of miles away from home; you really can count on family anytime anywhere even if they live on the other side of the world! They’ve kept us safe, nothing was ever to much to ask and supported us more than we could have ever imagined. Forever indebted to them and hope to return the favour when they visit England…. Which they will, “wedding invites will be in the post” haha.

But it’s never easy, with the time difference, giant seas AND land between us, or the promise that there’ll be a good few years until another face to face meeting again HOPEFUL, such important friendships relying on Facebook messages, scheduled Skype calls and a good internet connection is crazy and to some isn’t a ‘real’ friendship… but in my eyes keeping hold of a good memory with a person who made being so far away from you’re comfort zone is someone special.

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason it will”

So to all those who we’ve met while travelling, THANK YOU. You’ve changed my perceptions, my views, my attitudes – arghhhh, you’ve changed my life! In ways I could never have imagined. And I’ve said it so many times to those I really care about; the distance means nothing when we’re close enough, we’ll cross paths again one day!

…..And to all those who think that travel is a waste of time, money and a way of running away from real life, you couldn’t be more wrong. Make the most of your time on this beautiful BIG world (yeah a holiday is a holiday, but there’s more out there than Spain and big cities) and honestly, money really isn’t everything – happiness and making time for yourself is what really matters.

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes YOU richer.”

We leave to travel Asia in a few hours, I will have officially lived the dream after this next trip. I just hope I don’t bore and annoy people with our photos and updates, sorry! just have to make the most of the wifi we get and let people know we’re alive and well. Plus it’s just so hard not to share the beautiful things I see and experience sometimes!

28th July we touch down in Manchester…. “Just hold on, we’re coming home” guys!

Shall see you all shortly, much love!

AllyElly x
(and Jake)

Apologies for the soppyness and terrible English, it’s 5am and I’ve barely slept with excitement!

Interesting watch – ‘No Sex Please, We’re Japanese’ : BBC Three Documentary

We leave to travel Asia in just 2 weeks, Tokyo is one of our destinations; after watching this documentary on YouTube it really does make you realise it is another world there.

Will definitely feel like a tourist and travelled after visiting Tokyo, Japan.

No Sex Please, We’re Japanese – Documentary

While the global population keeps growing, Japan is facing a very different future which could see their population shrink by a third in just 40 years. One reason is that the Japanese are having fewer babies.

As part of a journey across Japan to find out why men and women are drifting apart and having far less sex than most other nations, Anita Rani explores the Otaku culture – a world of nerds and geeks obsessed with computer games and Manga cartoons – which has led many Japanese men to withdraw from the whole dating game.

She meets two men in their late thirties who have been dating virtual teenage girlfriends for years as part of a role playing game. Worlds apart from the fantasy girls of the Otaku culture, Anita also meets working professional women who struggle to work and have children in a society still dominated by traditional gender roles.

Low birth rates, combined with longer life expectancy, is inevitably leaving Japan with an old and rapidly aging population. Already a quarter of Japanese people are over 65 – and 50,000 are over a 100 years old. Anita visits a group of cheerleading pensioners and a prison with a wing especially designed for pensioners and looks at how the population trends in the country add to a debt problem worse than that of Greece and an uncertain future for a country that still is the third largest economy in the world.

Another win? Friday 13th… Lucky for some :D

Hard work pays off! Trust me.

“Work hard, stay humble”

Final week of Reward and Recognition at ME Bank in the Origination Department and all the top performers from each team were put into a prize draw…
My name was entered for Deposits and I WON 1st prize the support from my team was amazing!!

“You deserve it Alice!”

Friend of mine was jumping up and down.. Everyone thought it was her who’d won. I think they were more happy for me than I was! Such a nice reward, so very grateful just what we needed before heading to Asia :D

I think a shopping spree is in order, holiday clothes?!

Blessed, someone is looking after me :)
AllyElly, x

Feeling positive.. Not giving in.

Since my last post, the response from family, friends and the general public has been inspiring.

They’re all right, I shouldn’t be treated any differently; we are following the correct procedures, having a professional architect to research the local area and draw ‘already approved’ plans, discussing the proposed build/project with a builder, all respecting the local environment and designs to suit the local area.

Short story goes;

I am trying to build a future family home alongside my uncle on my parents land / neighbours (as the gardens are no longer used and a waste of space to the owners now) however due to a hiccup by the council a few years ago selling other land nearby they agreed and sold our only form of access to a contractor; who is treating us with just as much disrespect, making ridiculous offers to allow us through quoting £150,000 per household?! (There’s 4 dwellings to be built in total). knowing we’ll never be able to afford it because to him we’re just a ‘young working class couple’ his attitude towards us is just as belittling as the responses we’ve received from the council.

Ridiculous thing is our house plans have actually been approved, it’s just the access we’re landlocked.

Feels like a constant battle with the contractor and council to come to some solution – the council want us to use the already existing access by the contractor, but the contractor doesn’t want us to build full stop (he wants the land – making offers to our neighbours instead)

On-going for almost 2years now and the recent response as mentioned in my previous blog post; after numerous communications from the planning and development department has really upset me and others involved.

I just don’t understand how the person who’s job it is to address these issues has said he ‘will try and find the time’ to reply… And that he has ‘other priorities’ and is ‘not available for meetings’ just not being taken seriously. Its clear to all involved the council are favouring the contractor/businessman looking to earn more millions over, neighbours looking to support and develop their own community for the better together! The contractor is manipulating our situation and making rude comments in response to us trying to negotiate; such as “I just hope your little houses aren’t distasteful to my mansions” very unprofessional.

“All we want to do is make a driveway to are home… Like all the other houses on the street.
We are more than willing to work with the Council for the best possible outcome for our local area.
You can’t have one rule for one and one for another, we will let them through because they are a business but we want let them because they are only a local family trying to build on their own family’s land.
What has it come to when you can’t even build your own home on your own back yard.”

– Jake Mellor, my partner

The council should be supporting, offering solutions and encouraging new self development by young new buyers renovating and improving the area in which we live, not building unaffordable ‘mansions’ and treating already existing residents with no respect.

Next step

We’re contacting the local newspaper and starting a petition showing support from local residents and that there is clearly no objection to our proposed solution the issue we face.

Determined AllyElly,

When it’s dealing with a life changing opportunity… Give it your all.